Our Story

Country Patch Canning has been in business since 2015 and was started by Mary Anne and Bob Johnson. Country Patch Canning started with a recipe and a good gesture by creating different types of canned goods and sharing them with friends. With encouragement from Mary Anne’s best friend they decided to take the plunge and take their salsa to the next level.

They met the guys from Permac Enterprise where they began making Sassy Ass Salsa. Bob remembers after having their first product made, they were worried they would never have another order. Here they are 7 years later now offering 5 varieties of salsa.


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If you’re interested Country Patch Canning’s Salsa line of products to your inventory, we might just be the perfect fit. With 5 different flavors and heat level to chose from we will surely have a flavor that will peak the interest of any salsa lover!

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Country Patch Canning
Marion, New York 14505, United States